mplayer + nas, audio over network

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One day (yesterday actualy) I came home with my work laptop wanting to watch some movies on it. So I set everything up and found out that amplifier is connected to my other private laptop which is some two meters far from me. Yeah, I'm lazy to move but I'm not lazy to find out how to send audio over network to my private laptop.

  • Move amplifier to work laptop estimated time - 2 min
  • Time spent on figuring out the network audio - 60min+


I used NAS. I don't exactly know why, I just searched the Net and there were posts about it. Install it:

$ emerge nas


Check whether your mplayer is already compiled with nas support:

$ emerge -pv mplayer

If there is nas useflag enabled you are set to go. If not, enable nas useflag and re-emerge mplayer.

On machine, where amplifier is connected start nasd daemon:

$ /etc/init.d/nas start

On the other machine set the AUDIOSERVER variable like this:

$ export AUDIOSERVER=tcp/ is address of the machine with amplifier


Now test the setup

mplayer -ao nas movie.avi

Questions? Post them down here.

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