buenos aireeeeeeees

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datum a čas: 15-07-2005 09:56:57

Hola amigos como estas?

...I should write in english more often..why? I haven´t started yet and I´m already worried about my spelling...guys!!can´t you learn czech? it´s such a easy language[isn´t it neil?:] ..and I´m much more creative.

.anyway ..yesterday landed in buenos aires..do you wanna come here? go to new york the flights are cheaper and it looks the same{I was told}...bullocks...just downtown is little bit euroamerican{a lot}...but couple blocks away from there and you are back in south america as I´ve found out today. anyway still big city and I don´t like but slovakian ladies around me are enjoying so I have to survive:}

paraguay...different cup of tea!! I love that country. It´s poor but beatiful I think I fell in love again. people are so nice and...can´t find the right expression...they just don´t complain and smiling as much as they can.

yes I spend about 6hours on the proper long distance paraguaien{bloody spelling} bus. bus was full up and people were still getting on. 5member family was sitting on 2seats you just can´t imagine. I was looking out when I felt something landed on my knees...sweet...ok I picked it up and gave it to that man standing above me. he said gracias and put it back to his mouth

have another 2days in buenos aires than mendosa and chile and bus to peru. I think when I get back to london all the distances on the buses won´t be enough for me.

take care guys

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17-08-2005 12:43:16 Σ B @ 7906 #^

nevis co to je kacka?? si uz pekne zdegeneroval v tej britanii, ze ani nevis jaka je ceska mena. Pekne davas kacku ke kacce a hnedle mas na barak :o))

kua B.
17-08-2005 12:32:02 Σ B @ 7905 #^

2slon: nevim uplne presne ale jestli ji chces zavolat taq muzes na +420 607 586 639 , teda aspon myslim ;)

17-08-2005 12:25:52 Σ B @ 7903 #^

kdo je kacka????

21-07-2005 07:46:07 Σ B @ 6662 #^

2slon: ja ti rikal, nech ty pastiky doma :o))))

2katka: muzeme na ten mail psat taky?? :o)

20-07-2005 23:15:39 Σ B @ 6661 #^

TO SLON: Nezapomen se zastavit na ceste z Mendozy do Chile v Puento Del Inca - odkud je pekny vyslap k hore Aconcagua. Jo a na hranicich pozor na veskery potraviny. Mne byly zabaveny a k tomu dlooooouhy kazani. HAVE A GREAT TRIP a jestli mas jakykoli otazky, pis na kk_katka@hotmail.com. Ja jsem tuhle trasu absolvovala zhruba pred 3 mesicema..... Nadhera sama!!!! Kacka